A dream come true

On the 5th of September, I found out that one of my favorite bands was coming to Belgium. After a long time of asking my parents to help me get a ticket, I finally got a VIP ticket.

This ticket included a meet and greet, photos with the band and a signed poster.

The days before the concert, I felt like giving up on going because of several reasons. Due to my autism, it is hard for me to go to situations where I don’t know what will happen.

The meet with the band was a little awkward. Their manager (I think) said that the guys were a little ill so it was better not to hug them if we didn’t want to get ill. I went on the stage, gave a hand to the first 2 boys but then, when I came to Jamie (who’s been my idol for many, many years) he gave me a hug.

Of course, I hugged the other two men too after that, but I felt a little guilty about not hugging the first two.

The concert was simply amazing, their special guests (vukovi) which opened the show were quite amazing too. At the end of both shows, I actually met the singer of Vukovi and asked for a photo together, that was another big step for me.

I really, really hope that counterfeit comes back to Belgium soon, so I can go to another concert.

Next concert, Sabaton, with a fellow blogger/ boyfriend, Jonez 🙂 This will be in February 2020.