Questions about myself

Let’s make this a quickie. I thought of some questions I could answer to let you get to know me a little more. I think I’ll start with a few questions, more will be answered later.

No, I’m not a cat, I just don’t feel safe putting my picture on this site yet.

What kind of pets do you have?

I have 4 cats and 1 guinea pig. I also used to have 2 mice a few years ago but sadly they died…

The ginger cat on the picture is Billy, he’s one of my more willing models.

What is your favorite movie?

At the moment, I am crazy about the “flowers on the attic series”. I also kinda like “the mortal instruments” but right now I watched them too much…

My favorite type of movie is a musical, in that type, “love never dies” is my favorite.

This is not a question but more like something a lot of people kinda me for when I was younger…

I am not the most social person, I can’t just start talking to people without some sort of social cue first. When I was 15 years old I was diagnosed with autism. This means that social situations and unexpected events sometimes make me uncomfortable.

I try to make the best of it and I try doing things to go “against” my autism.

Are there questions you want to know? Just go ahead and ask.

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